Our pediatric services are available at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center in Hartford and at Saint Mary’s Hospital in Waterbury, with neonatal intensive care units at Hartford Hospital and the University of Connecticut Health Center, along with five specialty care centers and 10 other locations across the state. Connecticut Children’s has a medical staff of nearly 1,100 practicing in more than 30 specialties.About the Marriott Hartford DowntownLocated at 200 Columbus Boulevard and Grove Street in downtown Hartford, the Marriott Hartford Downtown is the anchor for the Connecticut Convention Center and a key destination in the state’s 33 acre Adriaen’s Landing enterprise of retail, residential, entertainment and cultural venues and attractions. The Marriott Hartford Downtown has redefined Hartford as a premier business and travel destination, and plays a significant role in the revitalization of Hartford.

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Hamilton said it was the first time he had been back to Gampel for a game since 1999. He has been to UConn games in Hartford, and he attended and spoke at the event honoring Calhoun last September. Calhoun called his effort to convince Hamilton to stay “his greatest coaching job,” and he said walking into Gampel with the championship trophy, after the several near misses of the 1990s, was the high point of his coaching life.

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Virtually no one is predicting a repeat of “Black Monday,” which was the stock market’s worst day in history and happened when conditions were different from today. But several worries are circulating underneath the market’s placid surface. While they may not cause a 20 percent drop in one day, they could be the spark for the market’s next drop of 5 percent or more, whenever it ends up happening..

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