Age of Sail ll: Prima Official Strategy Guide by Prima Temp Authors, Talonsoft Inc.

By Prima Temp Authors, Talonsoft Inc.

Wage campaigns and dwell history!

Grab a duplicate of Age of Sail II: Prima's legit procedure Guide sooner than you command your ships to victory. Prima's advisor may help you capitan the main memorable send in background, providing you Prima's aid. Prima's reliable method advisor give's you:

• A basic thesaurus of naval phrases for specialist send navigation and management
• particular info on send layout for identity of enemy and allied ships
• powerful education assistance for specialist seamen and landlubbers alike
• severe naval techniques for a hundred ancient missions
• tips about surviving conflict in single-player mode and multiplayer mode

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Doctors had no idea why fevers spread so rapidly. Overcrowding, filth, dampness, poor hygiene (lack of soap forced crewmen to soak their clothes in urine and rinse them in seawater to get them clean) were among the factors that contributed to the spread of sickness. Shipboard diet was poor, and the resulting lack of vitamin C led to the prevalence of scurvy among a crew at sea for long periods. com 35 Prima’s Official Strategy Guide weakening, pale skin, sunken eyes, tender gums, muscle pain, loss of teeth, internal bleeding, and the reopening of long-healed wounds.

Small tubs, called spitkids, were placed around the deck for this purpose. Those caught spitting on the deck were bound to the deck with a spitkid around his neck and the crew used him for target practice. Lesser offenders were sometimes tied to the shrouds (ropes supporting the mast) where they were exposed to rain, wind, salt spray, harsh sunlight, and so on. Although the punishment was light, it was humiliating and uncomfortable. For a minor offense, such as talking back to an officer, the offender was bound, then gagged with an iron bar.

Com Chapter 1: Living in the Age of Sail exposed deck. In plain sight of the crew, the victim was exposed to the sun and soaked by seawater and rain. When it was finally time for his flogging, he usually was happy to get it over with. For particularly bad offenses, flogging around the fleet took the victim to receive the same punishment on all ships in the fleet. If he was close to death, the offender was allowed to recover sufficiently to survive the next round of punishment. Another common punishment, usually prescribed for thievery, was running the gauntlet.

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