Advanced Listening Comprehension: Developing Aural and by Patricia A. Dunkel, Frank Pialorsi

By Patricia A. Dunkel, Frank Pialorsi

Academics can use the Audio application with the aid of video simulation of an instructional lecture adventure. comprises up-to-date lectures and high-interest themes.

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Where was Qin Shihuang when he died? How old was he? Consider the death of another powerful leader of a country. When did it occur? What effect did the death of the leader have, if any? 6. Describe the supposed physical layout of Qin Shihuang's tomb. 7. List at least five methods that were used to "protect" the tomb from grave robbers? CHAPTER 4 THE FIRST EMPEROR OF CHINA: Building an Empire and a House of Eternity 41 8. Describe the following: 1I) the physical layout of the three pits of terracotta warriors; (2) the purpose of the particular layout of the warriors in each pit; and 13) the belief that motivated the burial of the terracotta warriors.

Do people still believe that the Tasaday are authentic? 5. What did President Marcos do for the Tasaday people? 6. What were the Tasaday supposedly forced to do by Manual Elizade? 7. Explain the term indigenous. What are indigenous peoples in the Philippines struggling to do today? 8. Based on the reading, do you have any thoughts about the authenticity of the Tasaday? How could you find out more information about them? 9. Who was the Piltdown Man? What do you know about this anthropological fraud, and where could you find out more information?

With an estimated 900 warriors of all different ranks, Pit 2 serves as a powerful back-up force to help the larger army in Pit 1. There are also almost 500 horses-about 350 chariot horses and more than 100 cavalry horses . Pit 3, by far the smallest, contains fewer than seventy warriors and only one team of horses. Archaeologists think that Pit 3 represents army headquarters. That's because the soldiers are not arranged in attack formation. Instead, thcy face one another in a U shape, as if they are busy consulting among themselves.

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