Administrative Assistant Secretary Career Starter by Shirley Tarbell, Express Learning

By Shirley Tarbell, Express Learning

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Very important, and I'm willing and able to work extra hours to make more B. important, but not that important; a satisfying job and a good balance of work, play, and family life rank first 6. In what kind of environment do I do my best work? A. one that's structured and somewhat pressured B. one in which I can work fairly independently, with flexible (but not capricious) regulations Page 23 Take note of your answers. The questionnaire is not an absolute measure of what kind of job you should look forthere are many other variablesbut in general if you answered ''A" to most of the questions, then perhaps you'd do better in a more structured and faster-paced (maybe even high-powered) office.

In the old days, the temporary agencies didn't like it if you took a job with an employer they sent you to. Nowadays, employer and employee can try each other out. '' And Byron points out that temporary agencies now offer benefits, something that was not done in the past. By doing temporary work, you can pick up a greater variety of skills than in almost any other clerical occupation. As will be discussed in chapter two, many temporary agencies now make computer software and other types of training available to their employees at no charge.

Wiggins. Remember her from The Carol Burnett Show reruns? She was the bimboesque secretary of the 1970s who answered the phone (or didn't, as it suited her), did her nails at her desk, and generally drove her boss crazy. Gone, as I say, are the images of these pitiable creatures. They never existed in reality, where the secretary always has been a responsible and important worker. We all know that often the secretary of a company or organization is the dynamo you should go to if you want the real scoop.

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