202 Useful Exercises for IELTS: Australasian Edition by Garry Adams, Terry Peck, Helenka Piotrowski

By Garry Adams, Terry Peck, Helenka Piotrowski

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Read the statements. Next to each statement write F if it is a fact or 0 if it is an opinion. Discuss your answers with another student. _ _ 1. Nothing seems more important than giving life a chance. _ _ 2. More children are adopted into the United States than into any other nation. _ _ 3. This dynamic reinforces patterns of dependence and obscures more complex global relations. _ _ 4. There is little effort to understand or affect the local conditions that move people to relinquish their children.

0 3. The AAUW study may not have asked the right questions. 0 4. The experiments in all-girls schooling should continue. :l 5. Girls' test scores do not warrant endorsement of single-sex classrooms. 0 6. Because self-esteem is difficult to measure, Carol Gilligan's work cannot support single-sex schooling. 0 7. Girls cannot perform as well as boys in math and science. 0 8. All-girls schools are reserved for rich families. 0 9. Public schools cannot afford girls-only schools-not all girls need them.

By the early 1900s, _ _ _ __ a. coeducation was a choice b. single-sex schooling was a state mandate c. more girls than boys were attending college 5. In 1910, _ _ _ _ _ _ colleges were the most common type of college in the United States. a. mens b. women's c. coed ) 6. Conservatives _ _ _ _ __ a. do not support single-sex schools b. worry that girls have been victimized c. believe that men and women should be in separate schools 7. According to the author, studies---- - a. show that girls perform better in single-sex schools b.

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