101 Classroom Games: Energize Learning in Any Subject by Gareth Long

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Once you have decided this, select the five most common answers (keywords) and place them in rank order from most commonly thought of to the least commonly thought of. For this example, you may rank lungs as the most common answer. Place the question and the combination of possible answers on two pages of your chosen method of presentation. Divide the class into two teams. Elect a player from each team to stand at the front of the class. Once the first question is revealed, the elected players should raise a hand to answer.

Pupils work in pairs and decide who the dart thrower is and who will answer the questions. The first dart thrower has three shots at the dartboard to score as many points as possible. The difficulty of the question asked is determined by the number of points the thrown darts earn. If the points are 0 to 29 30 to 59 60 and over easy question medium question hard question After each three darts, the points are calculated, and the appropriate question is asked. The team earns the points scored by the darts only if they answer the question correctly.

Instruct the pupil to the right of player A to pass the object around player A to player B). If player A is able to complete the answer, then the pupil holding the object when player A finishes must answer the next question. Variations Easier: If the object is dropped, it must return back to the start of the circle. Harder: Award player A points for each member of the circle who didn’t get to hold the object.

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